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06:00pm 09/04/2004
mood: contemplative
please join
11:33am 17/03/2004
  im new and with you on the hate thing u know!

im a big fan or lse i wouldnt be here duh.

anyway also im taking the TOP TEN NO DOUBT SONGS!

its been 2 weeks since the TOP TEN NO DOUBT SONGS vote has started. if you didnt vote just reply to this with your fave song! ok!

ok... im done.
New fan forum 
04:46pm 07/06/2003

or click here
08:15pm 06/02/2003
  hey guys! my name is mary, and i am an ex-assisting webmaster for the ndifc! woo hoo! and you all must hate my guts :) either way, i tried my hardest to work with the ndifc... and make it better for you guys... but then my computer completely crashed and i had to resign. sorry that you guys hate the site so much... especially since it has been a mecca for no doubters through the years.  
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ndifc... shameful shameful... 
10:12pm 15/11/2002
  The only thing they could tell me was "Yes, you will be put into the drawing for meet and greets" the next day, I asked and they told me "Well, we have to give preferrential treatment to members who have been with us longer." and i questioned that since he had told me "Everyone gets put into a drawing".... but the NDIFC couldn't come up with anything to say back to me... so i didn't join. assholes.  
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check it out 
08:44pm 21/09/2002
  the NDIFC petition: ndifc petition  
08:27pm 31/08/2002
  I hate everything about that club. Rip off artists.  
07:46pm 15/08/2002
  err i hate the NDIFC! rock on to whoever started this community. they're so damn stuck up at the NDIFC they think they're better than everyone. well they can kiss my asslook at my convo w/ brandon isn't he such a jerk?
XGirlNoDoubt87: hey i was wondering, what is the name of the store gwen goes into in the sunday morning video?
Gwenfiend: it is called the m and m market
XGirlNoDoubt87: is it in anaheim??
Gwenfiend: yes it is
XGirlNoDoubt87: oh ok thanks
Gwenfiend: if you are just going to contact me to get information out of me then please email the questions to me
XGirlNoDoubt87: ok well thats my only question right now..so yeah
Gwenfiend: ok well i don't like being used like that so please email those questions into the site if that's all you ever are going to IM me about
XGirlNoDoubt87: ok...
Gwenfiend: so that is the only time you wanted to contact me i get it..
XGirlNoDoubt87: what do you mean?
Gwenfiend: i mean it's a little disrespectful to not talk to someone for a long time and just go ok so where is this without even saying hey can you help me or hi or something
XGirlNoDoubt87: well I was just wondering I mean everytime I talk to you it seems like youre busy and cant talk so I was just going to ask a question and get out of your way
Gwenfiend: you have never talked to me except to get questions answered
XGirlNoDoubt87: ok well whatever I didn't think it was rude, how hard is it to type in the words m and m market?
Gwenfiend: well would you like it if i just said hey so where is tihs
Gwenfiend: i'm a person not a machine to sit and answer questions
XGirlNoDoubt87: actually I wouldnt really mind..but that's just me. anyway i guess you do mind. anyways..
Gwenfiend: i don't mind
Gwenfiend: i just wanted to make it clear if that was the only reaosn you wanted to ever talk to me to like email the questions that's all
Gwenfiend: if ou want to chat about other stuff that's fine and all
XGirlNoDoubt87: well I would talk to you I wanna talk to any no doubt fan but i just figured you were too busy to talk for very long
Gwenfiend: no if i was too busy i'd turn off my im's
XGirlNoDoubt87: ok
Gwenfiend: ok then
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03:43pm 06/08/2002
  I hate that site so much. They can burn in hell, $20 just for a membership? That's fucking sick. What fucking crooks.  
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woot woot 
08:59pm 02/08/2002
  you've got me feelin hella good so let's just keep on dissin. yeah that was dumb. but yeah. ndifc. i don't really have anything to say about it.  
02:00pm 01/08/2002
  yay join! good community.  
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